10 Fascinating Facts about Velvet Sky You Need to Know 

 March 31, 2023


If you are a wrestling fan, chances are you have heard about Velvet Sky. This American professional wrestler is famous for her time in TNA and WWE, where she was a two-time Knockouts Champion. But, did you know that she is also a trained dancer and a personal trainer? In this post, we will cover 10 fascinating facts about Velvet Sky that you need to know.

Fact 1: She Started as a Cheerleader

Velvet Sky’s journey into wrestling started with cheerleading. She was a cheerleader for the NBA’s New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic. As an athlete and performer, she fell in love with wrestling through watching it on TV and decided to pursue it as a career.

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Fact 2: She Wrestled in Independent Promotions

Before making it big in WWE and TNA, Velvet Sky honed her skills in independent promotions like World Xtreme Wrestling and National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). It was during this time that she gained experience in the ring and developed her persona.

Fact 3: She Was in a Popular Wrestling Faction

Velvet Sky was part of a faction known as “The Beautiful People” in TNA. Along with Angelina Love and Madison Rayne, they played the role of arrogant and conceited women who were obsessed with their looks and fashion. They were a fan favorite and won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship three times.

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Fact 4: She Is a Personal Trainer

In addition to her wrestling career, Velvet Sky is also a personal trainer. She holds a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and has helped many clients achieve their fitness goals.

Fact 5: She Has a Passion for Dancing

Before cheerleading and wrestling, Velvet Sky was a trained dancer. She studied tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical dance and performed in many recitals and competitions. Her experience in dance helped her develop her wrestling skills, especially in the areas of agility and coordination.

Fact 6: She Was a Guest on Reality TV

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Velvet Sky was a guest on season 14 of the reality TV show, “The Amazing Race”. Along with her father, they competed against other teams in a race around the world. Although they did not win, they made it to the ninth leg of the competition.

Fact 7: She Is a Comic Book Fan

Velvet Sky is a huge fan of comic books and superheroes. She has even dressed up as characters like Wonder Woman and Spider-Woman at comic book conventions. Her love for comics and pop culture has also led her to make appearances at comic book stores and conventions.

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Fact 8: She Has a Clothing Line

Velvet Sky has her own clothing line called “Rated V Clothing”. The line features wrestling-inspired T-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops for both men and women. She also has an online store where fans can purchase her merchandise.


1. What is Velvet Sky’s real name?

Velvet Sky’s real name is Jamie Szantyr.

2. How many times has Velvet Sky won the TNA Knockouts Championship?

Velvet Sky has won the TNA Knockouts Championship twice.

3. Has Velvet Sky ever won a WWE championship?

No, Velvet Sky has never won a championship in WWE.

4. What is Velvet Sky’s signature move?

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Velvet Sky’s signature move is the “In Yo Face”, which is a diving crossbody.

5. How long has Velvet Sky been wrestling?

Velvet Sky has been wrestling for over 15 years.

6. What other sports did Velvet Sky participate in before wrestling?

Before wrestling, Velvet Sky was a cheerleader for the NBA’s New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic.

7. What is Velvet Sky’s clothing line called?

Velvet Sky’s clothing line is called “Rated V Clothing”.


Velvet Sky is a well-rounded athlete, performer, and entrepreneur. Her love for wrestling, dancing, comics, and fashion has made her a fan favorite. Whether you know her from her time in TNA or WWE, these 10 fascinating facts about Velvet Sky will make you appreciate her even more. Don’t forget to check out her clothing line and follow her on social media to stay updated on her latest projects.

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