7 Surprising Facts About US Women’s Soccer Team Defender, Becky Sauerbrunn 

 June 9, 2023


Every time the US Women’s Soccer Team(USWNT) plays, all eyes are on them, wondering how they continue to dominate the sport with such ease. There are a lot of big names on the team, but one that may not get as much attention as she deserves is defender Becky Sauerbrunn. She is one of the most remarkable players on the team, and as soon as you discover what she’s all about, it’s easy to see why. With that in mind, let’s explore some surprising facts about Becky Sauerbrunn that show why she is so amazing.

1. Becky Didn’t Start Playing Soccer Until High School

You read that right, Becky didn’t start playing soccer in the womb like other professional players. She didn’t even start playing until high school. Though she had played other sports such as basketball, softball, and volleyball, soccer was not on her radar until a friend introduced her to it in high school. Luckily for her, she proved to be a natural talent and quickly developed into an exceptional player.

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2. She’s a Defender With Impressive Stats

Becky’s impressive stats prove that she is a valuable defender on the USWNT. In fact, she has the highest completion percentage among all US players, with a 90.8% pass rate. In addition, she has an 88.3% success rate in tackles, proving that she’s a formidable force on the field.

3. Becky is a World Champion

Sauerbrunn was a key player in the USWNT team that won the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, where she played every minute of every match. She continued to play with consistency and excellence in the 2019 world cup, where the USWNT took home the championship once again.

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4. She’s a Key Leader in the Locker Room

Becky is a respected leader and captain in the USWNT locker room. She’s known for her calm and collected nature and knows how to keep everyone calm and collected during even the most high-pressure situations.

5. Becky is a Strong Advocate for Gender Equality

When not training or playing soccer, Becky devotes her time to advocating for gender equality in all aspects of life, including in sports. She has been a vocal supporter of equal pay for female athletes, never backing down from standing up for what she believes in.

6. She’s an Academic Overachiever

Becky is not just a talented athlete but an intellectual one, too. She earned a degree in international politics and economics from the University of Virginia while attending on a full scholarship. On top of this, Sauerbrunn was a first-team All-American defensive player and helped the Cavaliers reach the NCAA championship.

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7. She’s a Dog Mom

In addition to all her other achievements, Becky is also a dog mom to her faithful companion, Fenway. She often shares photos on social media of her and Fenway, proving that she’s not just fierce on the field, but also has a soft spot for her furry friend.


Q1. What position does Becky Sauerbrunn play?

A1. Becky Sauerbrunn is a center-back defender for the USWNT.

Q2. Has Becky Sauerbrunn won any awards?

A2. Yes, Becky has won a few awards, such as NWSL defender of the year in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Q3. Who is Becky Sauerbrunn’s favorite soccer player?

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A3. Becky’s favorite player used to be Ronaldinho. She has said that she looked up to him for his creativity and style on the field.

Q4. What kind of training does Becky do to stay in shape?

A4. Becky’s training regimen consists of a lot of running and conditioning. She also focuses on strength training to help her out on the field.

Q5. What does Becky Sauerbrunn do when not playing soccer?

A5. Becky devotes time to spreading awareness about gender equality and advocating for equal pay for female athletes. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her dog, Fenway.

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Q6. What are Becky Sauerbrunn’s career highlights?

A6. Sauerbrunn has two world titles under her belt and was awarded the international defender of the year in 2017.

Q7. What is Becky Sauerbrunn’s academic background?

A7. Becky has a bachelor’s degree in international politics and economics from the University of Virginia.


As one of the most valuable defenders on the USWNT, Becky Sauerbrunn has certainly made a name for herself. Her impressive stats, on and off-field skills, and commitment to advocating for women’s rights make her an even more admirable figure. With all these things considered, it’s no wonder that Becky Sauerbrunn is one of the most respected and beloved soccer players in the world. Next time you watch the USWNT play, make sure to keep a watchful eye on her; she’s definitely a player worth learning more about.

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