Hfmarkets Review: Things you need to know 

 June 17, 2022

HFM is a multi-asset broker which provides Forex and Commodities, originally named as HotForex, via CFDs trading services, with a selection of Seven types of accounts and trading platforms, as well as a low spread average EUR USD 0.1.


The broker gives traders unlimited liquidity, which means that any trader, no matter how big or small, can choose between different spreads and liquidity providers using automated forex trading platforms or any strategic plan. Today we have decided to take a Hfmarkets review which will be helpful to traders.


The brokerage company was founded in 2010 and had its offices in Cyprus. It also has branches in Dubai and South Africa and offshore companies in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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HFM is specifically interested in. It has a presence in the African, Asian, Middle East, and North Africa (MENA) regions, which provide some of the best opportunities for global citizens.


On the other hand, HFM provides its trading services under the necessary licenses required by the Forex market and does so fairly.

Pros and Cons of HFM

  • HFM is a regulated broker with a strong reputation. The platform is user-friendly, with a broad portfolio of Fx and CFDs, minimal fees, and a successful teaching section that is suited for new traders.


  • On the other hand, XM simply offers Forex and CFDs to EU customers. They do not offer any other products.
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Is HFM a fraud, or is it safe?

No, HFM is not a fraud; in fact, it has licenses from the FCA, the FSCA, and the CySEC. HF Markets (Europe) Ltd. runs under the brand name HFM and is licensed and controlled by CySEC, the country’s financial services regulatory power. The company also holds cross-border licenses because of its European location, allowing it to provide investment management services within the European Economic Area.


Simply put, it means that the broker is registered and authorized to provide its trading services while also maintaining the required safety policies and controls.

Is HFM a reputable company?

Yes, due to a number of licenses, including one in CySEC, Clients from South Africa, Dubai, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere can use the broker’s services. Overall, HFM is a reputable broker.

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HFM companies can also be found in offshore jurisdictions like Mauritius, SVG, and the Seychelles, where they are registered. While it is generally not recommended to deal with offshore brokers because they do not monitor Forex trading, it is regarded as secure to deal with them because of the many parallel regulations of HFM.

Who protects it?

HF Markets (Europe) Ltd. is a part of the Cyprus Investor Compensation Scheme for funds security, which is an essential element of being a registered broker. It is a demand made by the insured clients towards investment firms. However, the regulations require that the funds of clients be protected.

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Furthermore, HFM made additional efforts to protect traders by offering a Civil Liability insurance program with a maximum of €5,000,000 that covers market-leading protection against faults, omissions, ignorance, fraud, and several other dangers that could result in financial loss.

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