How do you create an attractive logo 

 June 29, 2022

No matter if you’re a graphic designer or beginner making use of Turbologo logo design, assignments for logos can evoke mixed emotions. On the other hand, the notion of graphic designers who take logo orders of $50> persists within the design world. There’s certainly plenty of these orders. The majority of them are caused by… the lack of knowledge of what an identity is. It appears that making an uncomplicated sign>> with a few letters>> is a quick process and is therefore not valuable.

Customers who haven’t had any involvement in designing and constructing signs, fail to consider the creative process , because the design and graphic elements have to be designed from scratch. It should, in the ideal case, be a reference to the industry of the client as well as be unimportant, it should stand out and communicate the values that are crucial to the company.

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In contrast the logo is an evocative symbol, which is the first impression a client gets as a fundamental aspect of a branding. If a client is aware of the importance of the logo to the image of the business and image, will never overlook an essential element. The creation of a logo is an exciting challenge, but simultaneously an obligation.

It’s possible to say that “well, at least you’ll get a client to reject the logo, and that’s all it takes. In addition to the fact that this approach isn’t very ethical It also doesn’t mean that someone will compensate you for your time as well as the work that you did as you shouldn’t create work for the sake of it.

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It could also be that you’ve invest a lot of time to create a logo create a dazzling project but the process is flawless, but the person who is the client… decides to reject the design. The problem isn’t always on the design. Sometimes clients’ decisions are dependent on how you present your logo to them. If you’re just looking to be an experienced graphic designer and become a freelancer or freelancer, your logo appearance may not matter as much to you. But it’s still important to be aware of!

How can you present a logo or image to the client to ensure that it isn’t rejected?

The presentation was given by Herdetya Prambodo

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Did you ever give your client a PDF featuring your brand’s image in color and contrast, along with a brief description? The issue with this method of presentation is that it leaves the impression of uncertainty for the client. If the logo doesn’t produce a WOW effect>, and there is a hesitation and the customer isn’t convinced and consequently might reject the project.

The designer who is who is working on a logo has an idea, vision, and concept of how the logo should appear in the space and what it should convey and how it should be able to reach. However, clients do not read their minds, so your job is to anticipate their needs and clear doubts. What are the best ways to accomplish this?

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Then back to the short

When you begin creating an presentation to promote your logo begin with the basic. Make sure to remember it at the beginning. It is likely that the customer isn’t able to recall its specific contents. This will help you remember the method you used and help you to explain how the logo will fit into it. It is also possible to use a moodboard in your presentation to remind you of the feelings and emotions you want the logo to invoke.


A logo isn’t created in isolation and isn’t in isolation from the market, competitors, and customers. Inform clients about the concept and how you came up with the concept.

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Logo in color

There’s nothing other than that. There will be the space to provide a thorough explanation about the colors in the different designs later on; there’s no need to explain for this particular color is orange. Let the logo be free to breathe.


This is a crucial aspect that you must include in your presentation. The client will naturally be worried about how your logo appears on various items, both on the internet and printed in public places and on promotional devices. Present all of this to your customer. Bet on the context, use mock-ups that mimic real situations:

  • magazine covers;
  • Office supplies;
  • client’s products;
  • business cards;
  • social media;
  • outdoor advertising.
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A logo could appear in any place. Do not rely on the customer to come up with the idea on their own . Your task is to connect the dots between the logo that appears on the background white of your program and the way in which it will appear in the client’s business.

Color palette

Now comes the technical information: color palettes and fonts employed, as well as brief reasons for why you would recommend this particular mix.

Alternative versions

What will the logo look like in the opposite version? Do you think it is acceptable to alter the logo that is made up of multiple elements when it must be displayed, for instance in a tiny space? If you’ve prepared alternate versions of the logo , or the logo is embellished with patterns, textures or other elements. Also, it’s worthwhile to discuss these.

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Excellent impression at the conclusion

Don’t forget to slide the final page of the slide time to show your logo to be displayed in color. Give the viewer time to examine it and remember it. Also, be sure to appreciate the quality of the work and become accustomed to the notion that this logo will distinguish and distinguish your business from other companies.

To end

A majority of your clients aren’t graphic designers, and might not even have a clue of how you operate to ensure The colors the fonts, colors, and designs you select aren’t the outcome of luck and are a deliberate decision to convey a certain message.

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When you show an image to a customer is a good idea to show the client all of this. Of course, it’s possible to declare that a well-designed design will be defended, however, very most people don’t have the ability to actually see the logo in a live space, on objects and on advertising materials. The preparation of explanations and mock-ups is a way of expressing appreciation to the client but in the same time, the details can determine the way the project will be considered.

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