“Unveiling the Mysteries of Matt Di Angelo: From Soap Opera Heartthrob to Hollywood Success” 

 May 2, 2023

Unveiling the Mysteries of Matt Di Angelo: From Soap Opera Heartthrob to Hollywood Success

The world of entertainment has seen many stars rise to the top, but the journey to success is not always easy. One such star is Matt Di Angelo, who has made a name for himself in both British soap operas and Hollywood. With his good looks and acting talents, he has managed to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. However, many mysteries still surround this heartthrob, leaving his fans curious. In this post, we will unveil some of the mysteries of Matt Di Angelo and tell the story of his rise to fame.

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Matt Di Angelo is a British actor, singer, and dancer born on May 1, 1987. He started his career in entertainment as a child actor in commercials before landing his first television role in 2006. He quickly became a household name thanks to his performances in popular soap operas such as EastEnders and Hustle. Matt’s acting prowess and charming looks gave him a massive fan base, with viewers interested in learning more about him. In this post, we’ll delve into some of the most intriguing aspects of Matt’s life and career.

1. Early Life and Career

Matt Di Angelo was born in London to a family of Italian origin. From a young age, he was interested in the arts, taking up dance classes in his early teens. His talent was apparent, and he soon began performing for audiences across London. In 2006, at age 19, he landed his first television role in the soap opera EastEnders, where he played the character Deano Wicks. This role propelled him into the public eye, earning him both fame and fortune.

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2. Breakthrough in EastEnders

Matt’s breakout role came in the form of Deano Wicks in EastEnders. He portrayed the character from 2006 to 2008, earning critical acclaim for his performances. His storyline saw him involved in a love triangle with two sisters, and his bad boy character traits soon made him a fan favorite. His presence on the show proved to be a significant draw for audiences and helped to increase the show’s ratings, cementing his position as a star in British television.

3. Success in Hustle

After his stint in EastEnders, Matt joined the cast of Hustle, where he played the role of Sean Kennedy. His portrayal of the smart and suave character earned him praise and further cemented his position as a leading man in British entertainment. The series was a hit with audiences and ran from 2007 to 2012, making Matt an established name in television.

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4. Struggles with Depression

Despite his success, Matt struggled with depression and anxiety, which he attributed to the pressures of fame. In an interview, he opened up about his mental health struggles, stating that he had to take a break from acting to focus on healing his mind. He has since been an advocate for mental health awareness and encourages others to seek help when needed.

5. Success in Hollywood

Matt’s success in British television opened doors for him in Hollywood. In 2015, he made his Hollywood debut in the movie The Smoke, where he played the role of Alex. The film was a critical success, with many praising Matt’s acting skills. He has since gone on to star in other Hollywood productions, including the TV series Sense8.

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6. Dabbling in Music

Aside from acting, Matt has also explored his musical talents. In 2008, he released the single “What’s Your Name?” which made it to number 23 on the UK charts. He has also performed on stage in musicals such as The Pirates of Penzance and Flashdance.

7. Relationships and Personal Life

Matt has been in several high-profile relationships throughout his career. He dated his EastEnders co-star Kara Tointon for two years before the couple split in 2010. He also dated dancer Flavia Cacace, whom he met on the show Strictly Come Dancing.


Q1. What is Matt Di Angelo’s most significant role?

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A. Matt’s most significant role is Deano Wicks in EastEnders.

Q2. Has Matt Di Angelo won any awards?

A. Yes, Matt has won the ‘Sexiest Male’ award at the Inside Soap Awards.

Q3. Is Matt Di Angelo still acting?

A. Yes, Matt is still actively involved in acting and has appeared in Hollywood productions.

Q4. What is the name of Matt Di Angelo’s first single?

A. Matt’s first single is called “What’s Your Name?”

Q5. Has Matt Di Angelo struggled with mental health issues?

A. Yes, Matt has opened up about his struggles with depression and anxiety.

Q6. Who did Matt Di Angelo date from Strictly Come Dancing?

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A. Matt dated dancer Flavia Cacace, whom he met on the show Strictly Come Dancing.

Q7. What is Matt Di Angelo’s nationality?

A. Matt is of British and Italian origin.


Matt Di Angelo’s journey to fame has been an inspiring one. He has managed to overcome numerous obstacles, including mental health struggles, to become a successful actor, singer, and dancer. From his early days in commercial acting to his breakthrough roles in EastEnders and Hustle, he has proven himself to be a talented artist. He continues to inspire others with his advocacy for mental health awareness and by pursuing his passions in entertainment. As his career continues to evolve, we can be sure that he will remain one of Britain’s most beloved stars.

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